2020 Agenda

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 15th Annual

Neurotech Investing & Partnering Conference

Accelerating Neurotechnology through Partnership, Investment, and Collaboration

May 5-6, 2020


The Neurotech Investing and Partnering Conference is a global forum where investors, executives, entrepreneurs, scientists and others involved in the development of new treatments and diagnostics for the brain and nervous system come together to shape the future of their organization and the industry.

This market-defining conference features keynotes on the state of the neurotech industry, cutting edge company presentations, leading translational research projects and panel discussions on a comprehensive selection of neurotech topics.

Preliminary Agenda

State of the Neurotechnology Industry
Guest speakers provide an annual review of trends and developments in neuropharmaceuticals, neurodevices, and neurodiagnostics.

Speakers: Harry Tracy, PhD, President, NI Research

James Cavuoto, Editor & Publisher, Neurotech Reports


Investing in Neurotech Panel
A diverse panel of private, public and strategic investors will discuss their investment strategies. What does it take to get a neurotech company funded? What are the benefits and risks of business models in devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and information technology? What are today's deal terms and valuations? What are the best exit strategies and how is neurotech comparing to other industries?

Panelist: Laura Tadvalkar, Principal, MP Healthcare Venture Management (MPH)

Jamil Beg, Principal, 5AM Ventures

Tom Mathers, Partner, Pappas Capital

Wasim Malik, Partner, Iaso Ventures

Karen Warner, PhD, General Partner, Ysios Capital



Treatments for Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Disorders
As the population ages, the market for neurodegenerative disorders is exploding. Current treatments stabilize symptoms only for a short period of time. What is on the horizon for symptom improvement and disease modification from drug and device companies? Can earlier or more accurate diagnosis improve outcomes?

Speaker: Casey Lynch, CEO, Cortexyme


New Modalities in Epilepsy
Drugs and devices with novel mechanisms of action are on the horizon to decrease side effects and improve efficacy in epilepsy. Hear from leading companies on their approaches.

Moderator: Catherine Abbadie, PhD, Sr. Director, Business Development and Alliance Management, Sunovion


Ana Maiques, CEO, NeuroElectircs

Mark Lehmkuhle, CEO, Epitel


Internal and External Research and Development
Pharmaceutical and device companies are looking to provide complete solutions that span from prevention to treatment. Functions across the value chain will be kept in house or partnered. This panel of experts will discuss how they approach collaborations with other companies, academic groups, research institutes, and platform companies.

Moderator: Maria Shepherd, President, Medi-Vantage


Jeffrey Erb, Sr. Director, Strategy, and Business Development, Medtronic, Inc.

Bill Zeruld, Sr. Director, Alliance Management, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals



Parkinson’s and Other Movement Disorders
Current treatments for movement disorders can improve functioning but suffer from side effects and “off” periods especially as the disease progresses. A number of novel pipeline pharmaceuticals and devices seek to address these issues. This session will explore how disease modifying treatments alter the course of movement disorders and how companion diagnostics can be leveraged to provide the most optimal outcomes for patients.


Next-Generation Psychiatry
Schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, addiction, ADHD and other psychiatric illnesses represent a large portion of the neurotech market. Development of promising next-generation treatments is challenging. Novel devices and diagnostics are poised to change the treatment landscape. This session will gather the most innovative treatments for mental health disorders.

Moderator: Manuel Lopez Figueroa, Venture Partner, Bay City Capital


John Kaiser, CEO, Evecxia Therapeutics

David Baker, CEO, Vallon Pharmaceuticals

Carlos Buesa, CEO, Oryzon


Targeting Orphan Diseases
Orphan disorders are a hot area of investment due to perceived benefits with regulatory agencies, ready access to patients, and premium pricing. This session will gather companies developing treatments for ALS, lysosomal storage disorders, Huntington’s, and more.


Stephen Carter, CEO, Zulia Bio

Ralph Kern MD MHSc, COO & CMO, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics

Thomas H. Pedersen, PhD, CEO, NMD Pharma


New Discoveries Powered by NINDS

The small business program at NINDS is used to achieve the mission of the Institute by supporting innovative ideas at different stages of development, including applied bench research, translational research, and early stage clinical trials.



Super Session: Investing, Partnering and Licensing in Neurotech Panel
Big pharma, biotech and medtech need to act to capitalize new innovations that provide solutions to the global demands in healthcare. This insider panel will discuss their areas of interest for investment, in-licensing novel therapeutics, devices and diagnostics and what they look for in a partner.


Olga Krylova, PhD, Director BD, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

Valerie Photos, PhD, Operating Partner, Iaso Ventures

Beth Shafer, PhD, Head, Neuroscience Business Development, Takeda

Robert Bagdorf, MD, MBA, VP, Worldwide Business Development, Pfizer

Jill Doubek, MBA, New Business Development, Neuromodulation, Boston Scientific


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Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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