2019 Agenda

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 14th Annual

Neurotech Investing and Partnering Conference

Advancing Neurotechnology through Investment and Collaboration

May 21-22, 2019

The Neurotech Investing and Partnering Conference is a global forum where investors, executives, entrepreneurs, scientists and others involved in the development of new treatments and diagnostics for the brain and nervous system come together to shape the future of their organization and the industry.

This market-defining conference features keynotes on the state of the neurotech industry, cutting edge company presentations, leading translational research projects and panel discussions on a comprehensive selection of neurotech topics.

Final Agenda

Atlantic Ballroom

7:30 am Conference Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30 Welcome and State of the Neurotech Industry

Guest speakers provide an annual review of trends and developments in neurotech.

Speakers: Carla M Lema Tome, MBA, PhD, Senior Manager, Aesara and Conference Producer

Harry Tracy, PhD, President, NI Research

9:00 Investing in Neurotech Panel

A diverse panel of private, public and strategic investors will discuss their investment strategies. What does it take to get a neurotech company funded? What are the benefits and risks of business models in devices, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and information technology? What are today’s deal terms and valuations? What are the best exit strategies and how is neurotech comparing to other industries?

Moderator: Bruce Leutcher, MD, Partner, PJT Partners

Panelists: Jamil Beg, Principal, 5AM Ventures

Laura Tadvalkar, PhD, Senior Associate, MP Healthcare Venture Management

Deanna Belsky, PhD, Associate, Dolby Family Ventures

Maria Shepherd, Principal, Mass Medical Angels

Avery Bedows, Neurotech Specialist, Loup Ventures

10:00 Coffee Break with Exhibit Viewing

10:45 Treatments for Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Disorders

As the population ages, the market for neurodegenerative disorders is exploding. Current treatments stabilize symptoms only for a short period of time. What is on the horizon for symptom improvement and disease modification from drug and device companies? Can earlier or more accurate diagnosis improve outcomes?

Moderator: Meg Smith, Senior Vice President, Research Management, Cure Alzheimer's Fund

Speakers: Zach Malchano, CEO, Cognito

Martin Tolar, MD, PhD, CEO, Alzheon

James G. Moe, PhD, MBA, President & CEO, Oligomerix

Michael Szulczewski, President, Gliacure

Susanne Wilke, PhD, MBA, CEO, Cognoptix

11:45 Developments on the Horizon for Pain

Drugs and devices with novel mechanisms of action are on the horizon to decrease side effects and improve efficacy for pain. Hear from leading companies on their approaches.

Moderator: Kerrie Brady, MBA, Chief Business Officer, Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Centrexion

Speakers: Angelique Johnson, PhD, CEO, MEMstim

Sunyoung Kim, DPhil, Founder and CEO, Helixmith

Philippe Diaz, PhD, CEO, DermaXon

12:45 pm Networking Luncheon

2:00 Internal and External Research and Development

Pharmaceutical and device companies are looking to provide complete solutions that span from prevention to treatment. Functions across the value chain will be kept in-house or partnered. This panel of experts will discuss how they approach collaborations with other companies, academic groups, research institutes and platform companies.

Moderator: Michael Kranda, Director, Business Development, Allen Brain Institute

Panelists: Eric Schaeffer, PhD, Senior Director of Neuroscience Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Pierandrea Muglia, MD, Vice President & Head Neuroscience Discovery Medicine, UCB Pharma

Murali Gopalakrishnan, MBA, PhD, Senior Director & Global Head, Search & Evaluation Neuroscience

Beth Shafer, PhD, Head Neuroscience Business Development, Center for External Innovation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

3:00 Refreshment Break with Exhibit Viewing

3:30 Targeting Orphan Diseases

Orphan disorders are a hot area of investment due to perceived benefits with regulatory agencies, ready access to patients, and premium pricing. This session will gather companies developing treatments for ALS, lysosomal storage disorders, Huntington’s, and more.

Moderator: Nicole Johnson, Founder, FOXG1 Research Foundation

Speakers: Sean Ekins, PhD, Founder and CEO, Collaborations Pharmaceuticals

Sylvain Lengacher, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder, GliaPharm

Anthony R. DePasqua, MBA, Co-Founder and CEO, EnClear

4:30 Strategic Development of Your Product Outside of the US: The Australian Advantage

Ric DeGaris, Head, Clinical Operations, Neuroscience Trials Australia

4:45 Emerging Company Showcase

The fourth annual Emerging Company Showcase offers the stage to young neurotech companies to pitch their drug, device, diagnostic, or software to an audience of investors, CEOs, and executives in the field. Please view the event website for a full list of this year’s presenters.

Anil Diwan, CEO, Allexcel
Donald Wright, Founder, President and CEO, Clarigent Health
Subhadeep Das, Co-Founder and CEO, Convalesce
Jeff June, CEO, Ischemia Care
Colin Kealey, CMO, Monarch Bio
Ingrid van Well, PhD, Founder and CEO, Neural Dynamics Technologies
Samuel Kellett, President and CEO, United Sciences 
Song-Song Liao, Founder and interim CEO, Aldans Health 
Paolo Cassano, PhD, CoFounder, Niraxx Light Therapeutics


5:45 Welcome Reception with Exhibit Viewing

6:45 Close of Day

8:00 am Continental Breakfast

8:30 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Translating Neurotechnology from the Lab to the Clinic

John Donoghue, PhD, Director, Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering

9:00 Licensing, Partnering and Investing in Neurotech Panel

Big pharma, biotech and medtech need to act to capitalize new innovations that provide solutions to the global demands in healthcare. This insider panel will discuss their areas of interest for in-licensing, partnering and investing in novel therapeutics, devices and diagnostics, and what they look for in a partner.

Moderator: Christine de los Reyes, Vice President, Strategic Planning & Business Development, Alopexx Enterprises

Panelists: Atsushi Hashimoto, Vice President, Business Development, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma

Laszlo Kiss, PhD, Executive Director, WRD / Principal, Pfizer Ventures

Nicholas Scarchilli, Director, Business Development, Biogen

Ravneesh Sachdev, Vice President, Business Development, SAGE Therapeutics


10:00 Coffee Break with Exhibit Viewing

10:45 Next Generation Psychiatry

Schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, addiction, ADHD and other psychiatric illnesses represent a large portion of the neurotech market. Development of promising next-generation treatments is challenging. Novel devices and diagnostics are poised to change the treatment landscape. This session will gather the most innovative treatments for mental health disorders.

Moderator: Manuel Lopez Figueroa, PhD, Managing Director, Bay City Capital

Speakers: David Baker, President and CEO, Vallon Pharma

Hans Eriksson, MD, CMO, Compass Pathways

Teresa Tarrago, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder, iProteos

Emer Leahy, PhD, MBA, President and CEO, Psychogenics

11:45 Frontiers in Neurotechnology

In this session we will hear from companies on the cutting edge. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, novel neurostimulation devices developed for new markets, closed loop systems create the promise of reduced side effects and more targeted treatment. New technology is yielding benefits in discovery and delivery of therapeutics to brain. This session will preview of next generation products and companies in neurotechnology.

Moderator: Aaron Sandoski, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Norwich Ventures

Speakers: Alice Zhang, CEO, Verge Therapeutics

Bob Cathcart, President and CEO, AIM Medical Robotics

Philip G Ashton-Rickardt, PhD, Founder and CEO, Smith Therapeutics

Ana Maiques, CEO, NeuroElectrics

Leon Ekchian, PhD, CEO, NeuroSigma


12:45 pm Networking Luncheon

2:00 Parkinson’s and Other Movement Disorders

Current treatments for movement disorders can improve functioning but suffer from side effects and “off” periods, especially as the disease progresses. A number of novel pipeline pharmaceuticals and devices seek to address these issues. This session will explore how disease-modifying treatments alter the course of movement disorders and how companion diagnostics can be leveraged to provide the most optimal outcome for patients.

Moderator: Wasim Q. Malik, PhD, Managing Partner, Iaso Ventures

Speakers: Randall Moreadith, MD, PhD, President and CEO, Serina Therapeutics

Susan Rosenbaum, JD, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Lauren Sciences

Jim DeMesa, MD, MBA, CEO, Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals

David Donabedian, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO, Axial Biotherapeutics

3:00 New Discoveries powered by NINDS

The small business program at NINDS is used to achieve the mission of the Institute by supporting innovative ideas at different stages of development, including applied bench research, translational research, and early stage clinical trials.

Moderator: Stephanie Fertig, Director, NINDS Small Business Programs

Speakers: Michael A Tones, PhD, Head of Pharmacology, Pulse Therapeutics

Sherine Chan, PhD, Co-Founder, Neuroene Therapeutics

Thomas Sanderson, Co-Founder, Mitovation

Kirkwood Pritchard, PhD, CSO, ReNeuroGen

4:00 Close of Conference

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